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Impact of Signaling System Performance on QoE in Next Generation Networks, Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, 2009, nr 4


Burakowski, Wojciech ; Śliwiński, Jarosław ; Tarasiuk, Halina ; Batalla, Jordi Mongay

Subject and Keywords:

quality of service ; signaling system ; quality of experience ; call setup delay ; class of service ; heterogeneous networks ; next generation networks


The first experience of quality by multimedia applications’ users takes place during the setup phase of a new connection. If the setup phase is not accepted or “slowly accepted”, the confidence of the user decreases. The user becomes more sensitive when he/she pays the connections with assured quality of service (QoS). In this case, the process of call request should be also accomplished with QoS guarantees. This paper presents the signaling sub-system implemented within the EuQoS system. The EuQoS signaling process follows main assumptions of next generation networks (NGN) architecture and performs tasks related with codec agreement between multimedia end users, admission control and resource reservation functions. In this paper, we present analytical, simulation and experimental results showing the impact of signaling system performance on quality of experience (QoE) for the potential users of multi-layer EuQoS system. In particular, the presented approach aims at ensuring user QoE of the connection setup phase by ensuring QoS for transferring signaling messages by the network.


Instytut Łączności - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy, Warszawa


2009, nr 4

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ISSN 1509-4553, on-line: ISSN 1899-8852


Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology



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