Tytuł: Adaptive Rider Feedback Artificial Tree Optimization-Based Deep Neuro-Fuzzy Network for Classification of Sentiment Grade, Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, 2023, nr 1


Jasti, Sireesha ; Kumar, G.V.S. Raj

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2023, nr 1

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2023, nr 1, JTIT-artykuły


Sentiment analysis is an efficient technique for expressing users’ opinions (neutral, negative or positive) regarding specific services or products. One of the important benefits of analyzing sentiment is in appraising the comments that users provide or service providers or services. In this work, a solution known as adaptive rider feedback artificial tree optimization-based deep neuro-fuzzy network (RFATO-based DNFN) is implemented for efficient sentiment grade classification. Here, the input is pre-processed by employing the process of stemming and stop word removal. Then, important factors, e.g. SentiWordNet-based features, such as the mean value, variance, as well as kurtosis, spam word-based features, term frequency-inverse document frequency (TF-IDF) features and emoticon-based features, are extracted. In addition, angular similarity and the decision tree model are employed for grouping the reviewed data into specific sets. Next, the deep neuro-fuzzy network (DNFN) classifier is used to classify the sentiment grade. The proposed adaptive rider feedback artificial tree optimization (A-RFATO) approach is utilized for the training of DNFN. The A-RFATO technique is a combination of the feedback artificial tree (FAT) approach and the rider optimization algorithm (ROA) with an adaptive concept. The effectiveness of the proposed A-RFATO-based DNFN model is evaluated based on such metrics as sensitivity, accuracy, specificity, and precision. The sentiment grade classification method developed achieves better sensitivity, accuracy, specificity, and precision rates when compared with existing approaches based on Large Movie Review Dataset, Datafiniti Product Database, and Amazon reviews.


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ISSN 1509-4553, on-line: ISSN 1899-8852 ;


Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology




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5 mar 2024

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9 maj 2023

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